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AI-driven Monitoring Solutions: Automatize Expertise for Operations

nomad™ Smart Microbial Solutions combine A.I.-driven expertise and modern connectivity to allow today’s manufacturers to put a microbiologist in the pocket of every operator. In this way, front-line, plant floor experience can now easily be matched with microbiology expertise and modern data analytics, giving the flexibility and performance levels industry players need to manage microbial risk.

Using Pixa A.I. and other advanced tools alongside gold standard testing techniques allows nomad users to eliminate common errors, save precious time and effort, and build a data history to safeguard for the future. At the same time, the ease of implementation and use of nomad solutions means manufacturers can focus on the job at hand, with the assurance that their monitoring system is ready to alert them when a possible problem appears. All this while having the autonomy to make informed decisions when the time comes.


A 360° turnkey solution, nomad microbial solutions fully integrate field-ready test devices, smart data management applications, and expert services, offering manufacturers everything they need to design a custom monitoring plan or launch an investigation in a matter of days. From on-the-fly sampling to long-term trend analysis, nomad is the comprehensive answer to preventing contaminations and spoilage. Empower your operations and build your knowledge capital.

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