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13th September 2023  Content supplied by: Hygiena

Hygiena's Strategic Move in Brazil: Elevating Food Safety Standards and Showcasing Innovation

Hygiena's consistent endeavours in the realm of food safety diagnostics recently hit another milestone with the opening of its new branch in São Paulo last November, and it has now emphasized its commitment to the Summit One Health Brazil 2023 event, which recently took place on 24th August.

Brazil's robust agricultural framework feeds an astounding 10% of the world's populace. With such a vast food supply chain, it's clear that comprehensive monitoring and avant-garde diagnostic solutions are crucial. Stepping into this vast landscape, Hygiena offers its extensive two-decade legacy in the hope of synergizing with Brazil's growth dynamics, particularly within the food and beverage domains.

The Hygiena Summit One Health Brazil 2023 was not just a mere announcement of Hygiena's presence in Brazil. It served as a platform to delve deep into the "One Health" concept, aiming to interlink human, animal, and environmental health within public health strategies. Amanda Manolis, Hygiena's VP of Global Marketing, spotlighted our objective to encompass the entire production chain, offering innovative diagnostic solutions all the way from farm to table. The striking revelation that 1 in 10 global individuals succumb to food quality-induced problems is alarming. With such statistics at play, the event acted as a beacon, illuminating the importance of food safety in a global context.

The São Paulo branch isn't merely a corporate outpost for Hygiena. Within its confines lies a Centre of Experience and an innovative applications lab. Here, Hygiena is all set to develop cutting-edge workflows and tailored solutions specifically designed for local One Health DiagnosticsTM testing.

Hygiena’s dedication to Brazil and its focused approach is a testament to the company's aim of establishing symbiotic client relationships built on the pillars of personalized services and exceptional support. As a vanguard in rapid diagnostic solutions, the newly inaugurated São Paulo branch stands as a testament to Hygiena’s aspirations—intent on serving and bolstering Brazil's flourishing food and beverage sectors.

Steve Nason, Hygiena's CEO, encapsulates the company's vision perfectly. Beyond a commercial perspective, the union of Brazil's food supply chain with Hygiena's diagnostic expertise promises a profound transformation in public health, commerce, and the Brazilian economy's broader spectrum. As Steve Nason affirms, Hygiena's aim is not just global participation but leadership. The São Paulo venture is a strategic stride towards Hygiena’s global ambition as it continues its journey in creating innovative diagnostics for a healthier world.

Discover more about Hygiena's transformative approach to global food safety and its ongoing initiatives in Brazil. Visit Hygiena Brazil here or click on the Request Information button below to contact directly by email.

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Date Published: 13th September 2023

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