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8th February 2016  Content supplied by: Promicol B.V.

PROMILITE M4® - Rapid ATP Testing for High Throughput Labs

The PROMILITE M4® is a luminometer for users needing to test a large number of commercial sterility tests per day. PROMICOL has developed this instrument for labs who need fast results together with a maximum workload of up to 700 tests per hour.  Having been in routine use for more than 15 years the PROMILITE M4® has a proven 'track record' for reliability and performance. The PROMILITE M4® uses a proprietary ATP rapid microbial test application that has proven to be extremely reliable and user friendly.

Although originally developed for the dairy market the PROMILITE M4® in combination with the PROMICOL ATP assay is the only rapid ATP testing method available worldwide for testing UHT processed fruit-juices.

The PROMILITE M4® is a specially designed PC-controlled microplate luminometer that is based on measuring 96 wells with a maximum of 4 injectors. The instrument makes use of a high sensitivity, low noise, single photon counting photomultiplier. Its specifically designed software PHOTONIX®, is independent of any platform or third party OS. This reduces software incompatibility and makes the total system reliable and independent.

Features of the PROMILITE M4® include:

  • Intelligent reagent tracking
  • Minimized reagent usage during priming
  • Up to 96 samples per measurement
  • Available with 2, 3 or 4 injectors
  • Programmable shaking
  • High sensitivity
  • Up to 700 samples per hour (depending on assay)
  • QQQ tools for performance control of the instrument

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Date Published: 8th February 2016

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