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24th October 2022  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe Limited

The First ISO 16140-2 Validated Commercial Sterility Test

With demand for dairy alternative drinks and other ultra-high temperature (UHT) treated products continuing to rise, UHT manufacturing and testing technologies are continuously developing.

Neogen®’s Soleris® NF-105 testing vial has been specifically developed to make commercial sterility testing quick, easy, and reliable. With the ability to use a sample size of up to 5 mL, the vial provides sensitive results, helping to safeguard product quality, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation.

As well as increased sensitivity, the ISO 16140-2 validation concluded that the Soleris NF-105 testing workflow could save 15 days from the total testing time versus the traditional methods described in the EU regulation (EC) No 1662/2006 and the council directive 92 / 46 / EEC. Faster results and streamlined processes result in quicker product release, enhanced productivity, and more time for other laboratory tasks.

Learn more about the ISO 16140-2 validation, the NF-105 testing, and the Soleris system here, or use the Request Information button below to contact the supplier.

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Date Published: 24th October 2022

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