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21st May 2024  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe Limited

Neogen® Releases New Veratox® VIP for Walnut

Neogen® Corporation has released its innovative Veratox® VIP assay for the detection of walnut, the third assay in Neogen’s Veratox VIP line of enhanced quantitative ELISA products.

The new Veratox VIP for Walnut allergen test demonstrates robust performance across sample types while maintaining the simple testing methodology of the Veratox product line.

Offering the same ease of use procedure as the standard Veratox allergen tests, but with enhanced sensitivity, we offer a solution to detecting extremely low levels of target allergens in a variety of samples, including heat-processed and more complex samples.

Highly sensitive tests, quantifiable down to 0.15 ppm target protein showing no cross-reactivity.

Results in 30 minutes as compared to other kits, which can take up to 60 minutes or longer.

Heat-Processed Sample Detection
Suitable for a wide range of foods, especially heat-treated or complex matrices.

Neogen is here to help you discover the difference with this VIP ELISA product and will provide feasibility study support to help you get started!

Discover more at Neogen or use the Request Information button below for connect with the company.

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Date Published: 21st May 2024

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