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26th June 2023  Content supplied by: Neogen Europe Limited

Sustainable Science with Petrifilm™

Ensuring the quality and safety of food will always be the top priority of the food safety industry, and as the world evolves, other external factors are important to consider with laboratory sustainability becoming increasingly significant.

Sustainability covers economic, social and environmental factors and it’s very likely that these aspects will be considered within company policy. To help food manufacturers and laboratories reach sustainability goals it’s important to us that we can offer solutions that take this into consideration.

Our Petrifilm™ plates offer validated quantitative testing of spoilage and indicator organisms without media preparation and can help users cut greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and consume less water while streamlining the process of microbial testing. A 2015 study showed that Petrifilm™ plates used 76% less energy, 79% less water, emitted 75% less greenhouse gas, and produced 66% less waste than traditional culture media methods.

Study reference: “Reduction in Primary Energy Demand, Blue Water Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates Compared to Traditional Microbiological Analysis Method,” Jason Howland, 3M Environmental Laboratory and Hannah Bakken, 3M Food Safety, 2015.

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Date Published: 26th June 2023

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