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22nd May 2020  Content supplied by: Promicol B.V.

Food Safety is Everyone’s Business – it is also Promicol’s Business

June 2020 is a busy month with the 20th anniversary of World Milk Day (1st June 2020) and the 2nd anniversary of World Food Safety Day (7th June 2020) in the same week.

Both events celebrate that everyone has the right to safe, nutritious and sufficient food resulting in the fact that food safety is everyone’s responsibility and therefore everyone’s business. Unsafe food causes illness of almost 1 in 10 people all over the world every year, and costs low- and middle-income economies around US$ 95 billion in lost productivity each year (facts from WHO).

Food producers around the world, who are faced with high demand and increased warehousing, aim to release products as soon after production as possible which puts a lot of stress on QC departments.

This might be even more severe since COVID-19 came up and the need for products with long shelf life has increased putting much more pressure on production and quality control, potentially increasing the risk of unsafe food.

Most food safety problems can be solved using preventive controls which can result in a delay of product release; therefore it is important to find a way of ensuring food safety as well as bringing financial benefits for a company.

By offering a rapid microbial ATP detection method, Promicol aims to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security in order to minimize the number of people getting sick due to unsafe food while providing huge financial benefits for the producer of safe food. 

Promicol provides an ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing solution which can be applied to a wide variety of foods ranging from dairy to soya products, juices and beverages, infant food, soups and sauces - to name only a few categories. When implementing the Promicol method, reliability and efficiency of a company’s quality control is enhanced. The time to result, hands-on time as well as labor costs and storage facilities are reduced immediately compared to traditional methods while the cash flow is increased. BUT without decreasing food safety. 

The Promicol method is based on microbial ATP detection in finished products. The specially designed Promicol reagents ensure that microbial contamination of food products is accurately detected by converting the microbial ATP to light in a specific reaction chain. All ATP from other sources like dead cells or plant or animal cells (somatic cells) is specifically removed in the process so that finally only microbial ATP is detected.

Products tested with Promicol ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing generally do not require special sample preparation. The product is pre-incubated in original packages and directly sampled for analysis. Depending on the food matrix results are available after approximately 25 - 40 minutes testing up to 100 pre-incubated samples.

You are interested in learning more about the Promicol method and implementing it at your facility? No problem; let the others wait for the results of traditional microbiology up to 5 days longer while you improve your market position. 

Even in these strange days of COVID-19, we are using all possibilities like video calls, webinars and instruction movies to keep on providing the best support to our customers. In this way, customers using our method already for a long time, as well as new and potential customers, can get in contact with the Promicol team and will get the information required. We ensure that physical distancing does not harm the service towards our customers. We are happy to find the right solution for your products and your company – anytime

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Date Published: 22nd May 2020

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