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13th February 2017  Content supplied by: Promicol B.V.

Whatever Your Workload or Sample Type - Make ATP Work for YOU

Promicol provides a rapid test method for monitoring microbial contamination in different kinds of products from the food, beverage or cosmetic industry The method is based on detection of microbial ATP which is present in all living microorganisms and can be used for a range of different sample types such as UHT and ESL dairy products, fruit juices, infant food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, soups and sauces as well as soya and cereal based products.

The unique reagent and protocol combinations for specific product types ensures the highest sensitivity of the method. Furthermore interference between product and reagent is minimized due to optimized reagent setups for different conditions depending on the product. Therefore the reagents can cope even with extreme conditions like low pH or high fat content which makes the determination of microbial contamination possible in a huge variety of products.

The Promicol system is currently used by many international as well as several small companies to routinely release finished products. A short incubation time is required to enrich contaminating microorganisms in the product. Afterwards microbial ATP measurements can be performed and results are delivered while other producers still need to wait for the results of traditional microbiology. In this way costs as well as ‘time-to-market’ are reduced significantly enabling the producer to maintain and improve market position.

All Promicol instruments have the following features available:

  • Minimized reagent usage during priming due to optimized injection system
  • Programmable shaking available
  • Distributed with 2, 3 or 4 injectors depending on application
  • High sensitivity
  • Single photon counting photomultiplier
  • Compact and space saving
  • Can be used with all Promicol applications

All instruments can be used with the appropriate Promicol Microbial ATP Detection test kit and are built for different testing requirements. The following instruments are available:

 Promilite M1
  • Tube luminometer that measures 10 samples per run.
  • Suitable for low number of tests per day, 10 - 50 samples per day.
  • Low investment cost means even the smallest company can have the advantages of microbial ATP testing.
Promolite 1 ATP testing
 Promilite M4
  • PC-controlled microplate luminometer can measure up to 96 wells per run.
  • Suitable for high throughput testing up to 700 samples per hour - depending on the application.
High throughput ATP testing in 96 well plates
 Promilite Robotic Systems
  • Based on the Promilite M4 equipment, complete robotic automation tests up to 400 tests per hour.
  • Suitable for very large companies with a very high sample throughput per day especially useful during FAT and SAT procedures during installation of aseptic filling equipment.
  • Full traceability of the sample is ensured.
fully automated ATP testing for new line installations


Software to run Promicol ATP test systems


All Promicol instruments can be used with the Promicol specific software which is optimized for microbial ATP testing with the Promicol instruments. The following features make the software very user friendly as well as secure:


  • Easy handling
  • Protocols for standard applications are pre-installed
  • Automatic archive and backup of database
  • Security for data and product details
  • Flexible search functions for exporting data to Excel
  • Intelligent reagent tracking
  • QQQ tools for quality control of the instrument

In general, long-term relationships are more important for Promicol than the short term fix. Customer relation and customer satisfaction are key words within the mission statement of Promicol. We at Promicol believe that only a close relation with our customers can result in a perfect customer solution. To build a long-lasting relationship it is imperative to build trust, exchange expertise and increase innovation. We want to make ATP work for you, together with you.

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Date Published: 13th February 2017

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