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25th October 2018  Content supplied by: Promicol B.V.

ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing of Wine

The Promicol system provides a rapid and reliable method for testing microbial ATP content in different types of red, white and rose wine. It provides fast and reliable results regarding sterility of the tested products within 16 hours. This enables companies to release their finished products to the market at an earlier stage compared to traditional method which results in less costs for storage and warehousing.

The test procedures are simple and very easy to use. As usual for alcoholic drinks a small sample preparation step is required. The product needs to be filtered in order to remove the alcohol as well as other ingredients inhibiting microbial growth. Possibly contaminating microorganisms should stay on top of the filter disk. This will be incubated in a specially modified enrichment broth developed by Promicol to boost the growth conditions. After 16 hours of incubation in this unique broth at 30 °C a 50 µl sample is taken out of the incubated broth for analysis. The Promilite instrument performs the assay automatically by using the implemented ‘Wine‘ protocol. In this way the Promicol system can process and analyze the data from approximately 100 samples within 10 minutes, offering significant reductions in labor costs.

The used reagents ensure that even high levels of non-microbial ATP are removed to ensure discrimination between sterile and contaminated samples. The used microbial extractant assures that all kinds of microorganisms including yeasts, moulds as well as bacteria will be opened to release their ATP. This will be turned into light by the firefly enzyme which will be measured by the Promilite instrument and expressed in Relative Light Units (RLU). The software automatically performs the assay and classifies the measured values as pass, re-test or fail using a colour code which enables an easy interpretation for the user.

Promicol aims to develop a long term relationship with its customers, built on trust, innovation and expertise. It is our goal to provide a service that is in touch with the needs of your quality management and to your demands from rapidly changing markets, making ATP work for you, together with you.

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Date Published: 25th October 2018

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