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Medical Wire & Equipment Co. (Bath) Ltd has been at the forefront of laboratory sciences and developing pre-analytical medical devices since 1952. Our innovation is led by finding solutions to our customers challenges.

MWE manufactures a wide range of products for successful specimen collection and transport. By maintaining the highest standards, we empower laboratories to make informed diagnostic decisions that drive the right actions, ultimately improving outcomes and advancing the quality of care and scientific discovery

Our solutions continue to support the following industries and sectors:

  • Clinical
  • Environmental
  • Infection Control
  • Food and Pharma
  • Forensic
  • Research
  • Veterinary
  • Obs and Gynae

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ClinicalFood & Beverage

The POLYWIPE™  is designed for microbial sampling on various surfaces. The swab sponge ensures reliable collection of samples for testing and analysis, crucial for maintaining hygiene standards in diverse environments such as healthcare facilities, laboratories, and food processing plants. Ideal for routine monitoring and contamination control, the POLYWIPE™ meets stringent quality standards, making it a preferred choice in microbiological sampling solutions.



Σ-GBS™ provides reliable detection of Group B Streptococcus, crucial for prenatal screening and preventing neonatal infections. This medium ensures accurate results with streamlined testing procedures, enhancing patient care in clinical settings. Trusted for its sensitivity and specificity, it meets stringent quality standards, making it a preferred choice among healthcare professionals for routine screening and diagnostic purposes.



FECAL TRANSWAB® ensures reliable collection and preservation of faecal samples for laboratory analysis. Convenient and easy to use, it maintains sample integrity during transport, supporting accurate diagnostic testing in clinical settings. It simplifies and standardises stool sample collection, transport, and processing by converting solid or semi-solid specimens into liquid phase, in primary tubes, to facilitate automated faecal sample processing



Σ-VCM™ Universal Transport Media offers a versatile solution for the collection and transport of clinical specimens. Designed with user convenience in mind, it ensures the preservation of sample integrity during transportation to the laboratory. Compatible with a wide range of specimen types, this device supports both manual and automated processing workflows, making it ideal for routine diagnostic testing in diverse healthcare settings.


Assay DevelopmentClinicalCosmetic/Personal CareLaboratory EquipmentMicrobiomeOther

SIGMA VIROCULT® is used for optimum recovery and transportation of viruses. It was the most used product during the pandemic by healthcare facilities and governments globally. With a 24-month shelf-life from the date of manufacture and gamma irradiation, it is ideal for molecular diagnostics and culture techniques. Σ-VIROCULT® is compliant with the CLSI standard M40. This standard is for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices.

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