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6th September 2011  Content supplied by: Medical Wire & Equipment Co

Fecal Transport Swab: Advance Processing for Enteric Microorganisms

Fecal Transport Swab: Features and Benefits

  • Swab based collection and transport for faecal specimens
  • Liquid Cary Blair medium specifically developed for enteric bacteria
  • Liquid medium format is compatible with automated processors, and more convenient for manual processing
  • Integral swab capture in cap
  • High absorbency cellular flow-through foam bud

Fecal Transwab® introduces a new method of collecting and presenting stool specimens that is both compatible with automated processing systems while offering faster turn round for manual processing. The collection kit features a rectal swab (new design) together with a vial of liquid Cary Blair transport medium, in an easy open peel pouch.

The swab consists of a plastic stick with breakpoint, and a bud of flow-through cellular foam. The collection vial contains 2ml of Cary Blair medium, specifically developed for the collection and transport of enteric microorganisms. The leakproof vial features a secure screw cap with integral swab capture, compatible with automated decapping systems.

The swab can be used directly as a rectal swab. The highly visible red marker line indicates the safe limit for swab insertion. Alternatively the swab can be used to collect material from a stool sample. The swab is then placed in the vial, and snapped off at the breakpoint. When the cap is screwed on, the swab is 'captured', and remains securely fixed when the cap is removed in the laboratory, whether manually or by automatic decapper.

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Date Published: 6th September 2011

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