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28th March 2019  Content supplied by: Medical Wire & Equipment Co

Study Shows Fecal Transwab® Improves Sensitivity of Multiplex for Salmonella

A study being presented at ECCMID 2019 demonstrates that using Fecal Transwab® as the collection device improved the sensitivity of a leading multiplex based test for enteric pathogens. This study compared the results obtained when testing 38 known positives of various gastrointestinal pathogens on the Serosep EntericBio® work station using the officially cleared device (Copan FLOQswab™) and Fecal Transwab®. Concordant results were obtained for five organisms, but Fecal Transwab® demonstrated superior sensitivity for Salmonella.

Fecal Transwab® is CLSI M40-A2 compliant for culture, and has also been demonstrated to give excellent performance with many molecular platforms for bacteria, viruses and faecal parasites. The collection device includes liquid Cary Blair medium which promotes recovery of enteric pathogens without overgrowth of the inevitable commensal organisms in faecal specimens.

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Note: FLOQswab™ is a trademark of Copan Italia SPA. EntericBio™ is a trademark of Serosep Ltd.

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Date Published: 28th March 2019

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