Copan Diagnostics, Inc.

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Manufacturer of transport swabs, disposable calibrated inoculation loops and Pasteur pipettes.

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Copan is the leading manufacturer of bacteriology swabs, viral transport media (VTM) and molecular systems in the world. Its innovations in pre-analytics include patented Flocked Swabs, ESwab™, and UTM, which have been proven to advance the quality of traditional and contemporary microbiology assays through improved fluid-dynamics. Commitment to innovation in specimen processing lead to the 2008 launch of WASP: Walk-Away Specimen Processor, which enables the automatic planting and streaking of all types of bacteriological samples. In addition to innovative products, the company has an extensive line of traditional laboratory consumables, including inoculation loops and needles, spreaders, and transfer pipettes, as well as a line of SRK environmental swab systems and products for forensic applications.

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Copan Diagnostics, Inc.


26055 Jefferson Avenue


CA 92562


Tel: +[1] 951-696-6957


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