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13th May 2015  Content supplied by: Copan Diagnostics, Inc.

Standardize and Simplify Enteric Culture - FDA Cleared FecalSwab™

COPAN, an innovative company focused on bringing breakthrough products to Microbiology preanalytics around the world, has obtained FDA clearance for its new FecalSwab™.

FecalSwab™ comprises of a regular size COPAN flocked swab (FLOQSwab™) and a screw cap tube containing 2mL of Cary-Blair medium. Because of its high pH, Cary-Blair is the medium of choice for transport and preservation of enteric bacteria. FecalSwab™ is intended for the collection of rectal swabs and fecal specimens and to preserve the viability of enteric pathogenic bacteria during transport from the collection site to the testing laboratory. Using the flocked swab provided in the collection kit, a small sample of feces can be transferred into the tube by medical staff after the patient has provided the sample or by a technologist after the fecal specimen has been received in the laboratory. Alternatively, FecalSwab™ can be used to take a rectal sample directly from the patient.

FecalSwab™ simplifies and standardizes fecal sample collection, transport and processing by converting solid or semi-solid fecal specimens into a phase suitable for fully automatic specimen processors, in space saving, instrument ready tubes. FecalSwab™ provides a compact and neat alternative to traditional large, bulky transport containers, which collect a quantity far greater than needed for culture or molecular testing.

"FecalSwab™ is an exciting new product for automated specimen processing in Microbiology, which is growing tremendously. Plus, it is a convenient solution for traditional culture, as well as the expanded use of rapid molecular based gastrointestinal disease diagnostics. Cary-Blair transport preservation medium, used in FecalSwab™, has been qualified by leading assay platforms for enteric diagnostics and we look forward to furthering our relationships with prominent molecular companies by offering this exciting new product that simplifies the workflow" said Norman Sharples, CEO of COPAN Diagnostics.

With the inclusion of FecalSwab™ to the family of COPAN products, Liquid Based Microbiology is now truly complete. Challenging swab and sputum samples are transformed to liquid phase with COPAN ESwab™ and SnotBuster™ (SL Solution). FecalSwab™ is the last piece of the puzzle. Now all solid, semi-solid and viscous samples can be converted into a liquid format and easily processed using automation.

Click here for more information on FecalSwab™ on the COPAN website

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Date Published: 13th May 2015

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