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25th July 2016  Content supplied by: Copan Diagnostics, Inc.

Simplify Sampling with COPAN’s Line of Swab Rinse Kits (SRK™)

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Salmonella. Listeria. E. coli. Shigella. No one in the food industry is rolling out the welcome mat for these bacteria. These pathogens and others, which can cause a variety of dangerous illnesses, are a health hazard in the food industry.

Preventing or detecting contamination by testing any surface that comes into contact with our food is essential. Swabbing difficult-to-access areas can be challenging. In addition, swabs need to be easily transported from collection site to the laboratory.

That’s why we developed our fast and efficient SRK™ line.

Easy to Use

  • Swabs are pre-moistened with saline solution, improving uptake of sample.
  • Sampling uneven, irregular surfaces or equipment is easy with the SRK™ swab system.
  • Packaged in convenient transportable tubes with attachable lids.
  • Samples can be refrigerated in tubes up to 24 hours before laboratory analysis.

Wide Selection of Products

  • Buffered Peptone Water, Tryptic Soy Broth, Letheen Broth, Butterfield’s Solution and COPAN’s SRK™ Neutralizing Solution available.
  • Different fill volumes and various swab lengths to suit wide range of applications.


  • Help define the sample size and determine the number of organisms per cm².
  • Square templates available in 4 x 5cm or 10 x 10cm and packaged one or five per package.


  • T-shaped and L-Shaped spreaders are designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates.
  • Used to perform bacterial CFU plate counts on water, milk and other liquid samples.

Food safety simplified with SRK™.

For more information please visit www.copanusa.com/products/environmental/ or contact us at marketing@copanusa.net



Date Published: 25th July 2016

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