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Rapid Micro Biosystems

Rapid Micro Biosystems provides innovative products for faster detection of microbial contamination in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and personal care products.

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Rapid Micro Biosystems® (RMB) creates, sells, validates, and services innovative products for fast, accurate, and efficient detection of microbial contamination in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biologics, biotechnology products, medical devices, and personal care products. The company’s Growth Direct® is the only fully automated, non-destructive growth-based system for multiple QC test applications: environmental monitoring, water, bioburden and sterility testing. Automating rapid compendial QC micro testing ensures data integrity, compliance, and operational efficiencies. RMB is dedicated to providing groundbreaking technology and products to support companies in their journey to achieve greater reliability, efficiency, and better predictability, ultimately providing higher quality products for improved patient outcomes.

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Growth Direct®: Growth-based System for Automated Compendial Testing


Growth Direct is the first automated platform for 3 critical QC applications: environmental monitoring, water testing, and bioburden testing. Faster results with fewer human errors due to misplaced or mislabeled plates, miscounts, and transcription mistakes Increased lab efficiencies Decreased hands-on labor Plus, Growth Direct’s user-friendly, secure software is designed to be compliant with the requirements of 21 CFR PART 11 to help ensure data integrity and sample security.

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