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30th September 2022  Content supplied by: Rapid Micro Biosystems

Non-destructive Rapid Mold Detection with the Growth Direct® System

Rapid Micro Biosystems® will be announcing the upcoming release of RMBNucleus™ Mold Alarm Software for rapid mold detection with the Growth Direct® System, during the 2022 PDA Micro event. This new feature provides an alert that mold is present even when the total CFU count is within customer-defined, acceptable limits. The software detects mold and will differentiate any detected mold from bacteria at the earliest signs of detected growth during the automated incubation cycle.

Users can improve data integrity (DI) compliance and time to result (TTR) in their quality control microbiology processes with the implementation and routine use of an automated incubation and colony counting technology, yielding rapid microbial detection of mold and bacteria. Rapid Micro Biosystems Growth Direct® System can be validated for environmental monitoring (EM), bioburden, and water testing in a cGMP environment. With a comprehensive validation package and a dedicated-technical team, the system can be implemented into routine use in less than 6 months, with additional validated systems added for use in weeks. The RMBNucleus™ Software integrates with LIMS and supports multisite testing and multi-system integrated reporting.

Integration of the Growth Direct® System to a LIMS allows data security from the creation of worklists through sample processing, result generation, and final approval by the implementation of uniquely identified, bar coded, media cassettes. The removal of human interaction through the process significantly reduces the possibility of errors, contamination, data breach, process failures, and subsequent investigations. The use of digital imaging to detect the autofluorescing microorganisms replaces enumeration by manual-subjective visual inspection.

Rapid Micro Biosystems® is the Platinum Sponsor at PDA Micro this year and will be showcasing a demo system at the event in booth #212.

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Date Published: 30th September 2022

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