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28th August 2023  Content supplied by: Rapid Micro Biosystems

Data Integrity as an Indicator of Other Quality Control Issues

This presentation will share experiences from a site where this was the situation – data integrity was the symptom of deeper issues.  

The content is based on field experience and will share factual observations and how these factors came together to reveal the root issue—an issue likely shared by many companies within the industry.

  • How do Process Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Analytical Development, and Process Development create data integrity issues in the QC Laboratory?
  • What do organizations know about data integrity remediation?
  • How do manufacturers maintain compliance with sound data?
  • How data review can uncover trends and themes and what these observations mean.

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Resolution and Support
Effectively automate your contamination detection for faster, more accurate results and improved data integrity.

Environmental Monitoring, Water Testing, and Bioburden Testing are critical quality control (QC) steps in quality risk management for contamination detection, but the traditional compendium methods can fall short of today's speed and safety demands. Sample enumeration, tracking, and reporting are typically subjective, time-consuming manual processes prone to human error.

The Growth Direct® System overcomes these challenges with novel growth-based technology that features advanced robotic automation, powerful optical imaging, algorithmic vision analysis, and data management. The result is fast, accurate detection, enumeration, and digitization that can boost productivity in your QC microbiology lab while eliminating manual sample analysis and recordkeeping.

Compliance and Data Integrity
Empower your quality control laboratory by eliminating manual data entry and potential for falsification with seamless digitization, traceability, and regulatory compliance.

Reduction of Human Error and Contamination
Reduce the instances of misplaced plates, miscounts, transcription errors, and human introduction of contaminants in your quality control laboratory.

Reduced Impact of Investigations
Improve your quality control system and reduce the potential for costly mistakes that could lead to warning letters, hundreds of hours of unnecessary investigation work, and millions of dollars in lost productivity.

If you have additional questions about automating rapid microbial detection and enumeration for your QC microbiology, visit Rapid Micro Biosystems or click on the Request Information button below to contact the supplier.

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Date Published: 28th August 2023

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