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14th January 2021  Content supplied by: Rapid Micro Biosystems

Rapid Automation: The Gold Standard for Implementing Lean in the QC Micro Lab

Lean practices have been around for decades and been adopted by many manufacturing industries around the globe, these principals effectively reduce cost, inefficiencies, and waste while enhancing quality. Historically in Pharma Lean projects have focused on manufacturing and QC micro has remained untouched, but this puts companies at a disadvantage. Pharma 4.0, which is the next wave in manufacturing requires advanced digital technologies, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and lean manufacturing techniques. The Growth Direct system both digitizes previous manual paper-based tests and helps reduce waste in both the manufacturing and QC micro processes.

Layering Growth Direct’s Rapid Automation Method over Lean principles can optimize processes in the QC Micro lab and can reduce waste in seven ways:
  • Defects and errors
  • Waiting for results
  • Over-production
  • Transportation from one workstation to another
  • Inventory
  • Unnecessary movements by the technician
  • Excessive processing

Learn how Growth Direct can help reduce these wastes by standardizing and streamlining the processes and digitizes the results allowing for faster decision making in your facility.

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Date Published: 14th January 2021

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