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14th March 2023  Content supplied by: Rapid Micro Biosystems

Customer Story: Successful Validation of Rapid Micro Biosystems® Growth Direct® System

Interested in advocating change, but having difficulty getting started on your digital transformation journey?

Hear first-hand experience from industry expert, Vaishali Shah of Kite Pharma, on championing successful change to their quality control microbiology processes with validating and implementing our Growth Direct® System.

Vaishali shares her involvement during technology evaluation and the decision-making process, as well as specifics of partnering with the Rapid Micro Biosystems® team for validation through routine use. During this user experience webinar, Vaishali covers these topics:  

  • Critical need for automated incubation, detection, and enumeration in CAR-T-cell therapy production
  • Choosing the Growth Direct® System
  • Validation approach
  • Benefits and product production impact

If you have additional questions about automating rapid microbial detection and enumeration for your QC microbiology, contact us using the Request Information button below. For further information watch the 15 minute webinar now.

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Date Published: 14th March 2023

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