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13th October 2020  Content supplied by: Rapid Micro Biosystems

QC Lab Optimization Master Series Whitepaper Available for Download

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing greater challenges than ever before, and many are wondering how their current QC micro lab environments will keep pace in a swiftly changing marketplace. Recent world events have made it clearer that outdated lab practices are no longer enough to meet today’s expectations such as unprecedented demand, amplified regulatory and safety concerns, and the astounding pace of science.

But which QC testing methods are the most effective, and how can organizations create a business case for innovation?

In his whitepaper, Planning the QC Micro Lab of the Future: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Challenges Today, author David Jones, Ph.D. explains how pharmaceutical manufacturers can create future-ready labs that use technology to overcome myriad challenges and why embracing innovation is no longer optional for organizations that want to remain competitive in the 21st century.

Dr. Jones hits on several key takaways that biopharmaceutical leaders will find valuable:

  • It is now business-critical for pharmaceutical manufacturers to embrace technologies that enable lean, nimble, and fail-safe labs.
  • While manual errors were once considered rare and unpreventable, this is no longer the case. Today, regulators are highly attuned to the risks of manual processes, and they are actively targeting breaches caused by them.
  • Case studies have shown that digital and automated technologies deliver 30% to 40% increases in productivity and could lead to over 50% reductions in overall quality-control costs.
  • Use cases have demonstrated that automating a QC micro lab can result in a more than 65% reduction in deviations and can help prevent major compliance issues.

Along with sharing his insights and expertise in this paper, Dr. Jones also shares a Lab Performance Questionnaire that will help guide pharma leaders assess their current QC micro lab environments and identify areas in which they may be under-performing.

Ready to create your QC micro lab of the future? Download the whitepaper now.

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Date Published: 13th October 2020

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