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29th April 2022  Content supplied by: Rapid Micro Biosystems

Automation and LIMs Integration Improve QC Micro Data Integrity

Automated and LIMS-Ready Microbial Enumeration
Traditional compendial growth-based methods are prone to human error, limit time to result, require manual data management/entry, depend on paper workflows, and induce user fatigue. Making matters worse, manual enumeration represents a sizable gap for manufacturers trying to build more robust data trails for their own process monitoring and for regulator audits.

To avoid these manual tasks and their data integrity risks, advanced QC microbiology labs are adopting automated RMMs, such as the Growth Direct® System, to perform critical bioburden, environment, and personnel monitoring. The most advanced automated RMM systems will track, load, incubate, and analyze many samples simultaneously.

An ideal automated RMM should also seamlessly integrate with your LIMS and help to improve your data integrity by eliminating manual transcription and multi-point data entry, while collecting critical metadata and securing data access. This way RMM data is shared directly across your organization, helping your team stay connected, identify issues early, and increase overall transparency. Naturally, the more broadly compatible and versatile an automated RMM is with a broad range of LIMS, the easier it will be to find a reliable match. To this end, the Growth Direct® System is designed to connect its automated workflow with a wide range of LIMS to fully remove troublesome human elements and maximize data integrity.

For a deeper dive on digitalizing QC microbiology, download our whitepaper on automated RMMs and LIMS-integration!

If you have additional questions about QC microbiology data integrity and microbial enumeration, contact us today to speak with an expert about our Growth Direct® System or click on the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 29th April 2022

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