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14th September 2020  Content supplied by: Rapid Micro Biosystems

How Taking a Look at QC Micro can Improve Speed, Capacity and Agility

QC Directors and QC Managers are charged with maintaining and improving QC micro lab efficiencies, cost-effectiveness, and product quality. There are three areas that take priority in creating an optimized lab environment: speed, scale, and scope. 

  • Speed:
    Employing digitization for some or all processes can have an immediate impact on the speed of manufacturing. What level of digitization is your lab at?
  • Scale:
    Scale of manufacturing is also radically changing.  Does your lab have the capacity to take on the potential increase in testing that will be required to manufacture new or additional products at your site?
  • Scope:
    Traditional microbial QC test methods are slow to yield results, labor-intensive, prone to human error, vulnerable to tampering, and are incompatible with the need to accelerate manufacturing.  Where has your lab implemented rapid automated methods and where do they improve on their current methods?

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Date Published: 14th September 2020

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