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Don Whitley Scientific

Don Whitley Scientific Limited develops, manufactures and sells instrumentation and associated products for a range of microbiological applications.

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In addition, contract services are available and performed in GLP-compliant laboratories. Selling to both private and public sectors, products are supported globally through a carefully chosen distributor network. Customers include quality assurance personnel, food producers, public sector microbiologists, clinical microbiologists and research and development specialists.

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New WASP Touch Spiral Plater - Consistent, Trackable Plate Counts

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WASP Touch is a new spiral plater, designed for the needs of modern microbiology laboratories. This is a fundamentally different plater with no need for a separate vacuum source. The system is extremely simple to use and provides real cost savings and process improvements. The Automated Intelligent Monitoring Software (AIMS) will guide you through set-up and daily check routines - ensures consistent trouble-free plating. Sample may be aspirated from beakers, bottles and tubes – providing maximum flexibility in use. Automatically logs date, time, deposition, user name, number of plates produced – a powerful diagnostic tool. Flowsense - detects the movement of liquid through the WASP Touch. Precise quantities of sanitising fluids are dispensed automatically to maintain optimum levels. This ensures effective and efficient sanitisation takes place. Sanitising system reservoirs are available in two sizes and can contain sufficient fluid for hundreds of wash cycles – perfect for busy laboratories. Fully integrated vacuum waste system – occupies the smallest amount of bench width.

Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation

Laboratory Equipment

The Whitley A35 provides excellent conditions for the processing, incubation and examination of samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. This workstation provides the ability to manipulate samples in a sustainable environment where parameters can be altered to create the required conditions. The standard A35 features two oval, sleeved ports on a fixed front. This workstation can also be specified with our unique instant access porthole system that allows entry to the chamber in seconds and needs neither gloves nor sleeves.

Whitley Jar Gassing System - Lowest Cost

Laboratory Equipment

With the Whitley Jar Gassing System you can create perfect conditions for growing anaerobes in jars in just 2 minutes for less than 18 pence and for microaerophiles in 15 seconds for less than 3 pence (compared with about £1.60 for every gas generating kit used). If you already have anaerobic jars that you wish to use you can order the adaptor kit, which will enable you to connect most types of jar.

Whitley A45 HEPA Workstation

Laboratory Equipment

The Whitley A45 HEPA is an anaerobic workstation with a unique internal HEPA filtration system. Two sleeved ports and one instant access port provide convenient user access to the entire incubation and working areas. This workstation accommodates up to 900 x 90mm Petri dishes and is fitted with the unique Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System. All the atmosphere passes through the filter every four seconds, which ensures the chamber environment is cleaned quickly. DWS filters are located inside the workstation, which prevents the filter becoming saturated with moisture and rendered ineffective.

Whitley A25 Anaerobic Workstation

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The Whitley A25 Workstation might be small, but it has the same precise control of parameters as our larger workstations, ensuring the very best anaerobic conditions are maintained. It has a capacity of 300 Petri dishes while still leaving more than adequate space to process samples in a strictly controlled anaerobic environment. Unlike with anaerobic jars, you can check your plates regularly and perform tasks inside the workstation without risk to your samples.

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NOTE: The products listed in this section may not be approved for clinical diagnostic use in your jurisdiction. You must assume these products are unregulated and therefore cannot be used for routine testing and reporting of results unless otherwise stated.
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