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Workstation with Two Airlocks Launched - Designed for Busy Labs

4-port anaerobic workstationDon Whitley Scientific Limited has launched a new 4-port anaerobic workstation that has two airlocks, one at either end of the chamber. Unveiled at the Biomedical Science Congress in Birmingham, UK, in September, this workstation has been designed for busy laboratories where two people may need to use the workstation simultaneously. The positioning of the two airlocks at either end of the chamber allows samples to be introduced at one end and removed at the other, significantly improving laboratory workflow.

The A55 incorporates all the latest Whitley Workstation features such as a colour touchscreen interface, sleeveless instant access ports, automatic commissioning and a range of options and accessories to tailor the workstation to the customer's requirements. A removable front is fitted as standard on the right hand side of the cabinet to facilitate the introduction of bulk samples and equipment that may need to be used inside the chamber. The A55 can accommodate up to 1,400 x 90mm Petri dishes.

Evan Kitsell, Design Director, commented: "Our research into customer requirements confirmed that there was an need for a larger workstation with an airlock at either end. We discovered that the increased throughput in some laboratories has led to a need for improved workflow, larger cabinets and a the ability for additional staff to work simultaneously in the chamber."

Options for the A55 include a fully integrated Anaerobic Conditions Monitor, internal power sockets, single plate entry system and a fully comprehensive maintenance contract.




Date Published: 23rd September 2013

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