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16th January 2024  Content supplied by: Don Whitley Scientific

Create Rapid Conditions in Anaerobic Jars 

Don Whitley Scientific (DWS) has announced the launch of a new gassing system for the rapid generation of multiple atmospheres (anaerobic, microaerobic, and capnophilic) in gas jars.

The Whitley AtmoGen - the new Jar Gassing System - has fresh, modern graphics, bespoke software, and optional dual gas input. AtmoGen can be used to gas three separate jars simultaneously with the same atmosphere.

Joe Walton, Director at DWS, explained the cost-saving figures: “We have calculated that, if you are processing 30 samples per day, the running cost of AtmoGen is less than £600 per year whilst using gas packs costs £3,580 per year. Based on this, the cost of the AtmoGen could be recouped in less than two years.”

The system is easy to use, with no complicated training required, and can be operated with other, non-DWS anaerobic jars (with an adaptor kit). It also features a new catalyst check function to ensure that an effective catalyst is in place before incubation. AtmoGen has a 7-inch full-colour touchscreen, USB and Ethernet ports, data logging, and comes complete with one Whitley Incubation Box.

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Date Published: 16th January 2024

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