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18th April 2023  Content supplied by: Diamidex

A New Bioburden Solution for Microbiological Analysis in the Beverage Industry 

The Future Of Microbial Detection Is Here
Our R&D microbiology team has developed MICA Bioburden, designed to accelerate detection and analysis for bacteria, yeasts, and molds, in filtrable matrices, such as water, soft drink, bottled water, beer, wine, ensuring product safety and quality. While keeping the same protocol of culture on agar and without adding a single complementary reagent, count your microorganisms earlier with MICA Bioburden.  

Advantages Of MICA Bioburden Rapid Detection Solution 


  • Result after only 24 hours (Bacteria) or 48 hours (Yeast and Mold) of incubation 
  • Automatic enumeration 
  • Human interface User-friendly 

Cost saving 

  • Reduction in labor costs 
  • Automatic charger 
  • Up to 250 tests per 8 hours 
  • No extra reagent 


  • Cultural method (CFU/liter) 
  • Same procedure as your standard method 
  • Non-destructive method 
  • LOD 1 CFU per membrane 

Seeking Testers: Beverage Industry Professionals
We are actively searching for beverage industries testers, to collaborate with our R&D team and provide pre-pasteurization samples for further development and refinement of MICA Bioburden. By participating in this exclusive partnership, testers will gain early access to evaluate the performance of this revolutionary technology. 

Benefits for testers :  

  • Exclusive opportunity to assess the microcolony counter's performance and capabilities 
  • Pioneer the future of microbiological detection in the beverage industry 
  • Collaborate closely with the R&D microbiology team 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be among the first to adopt MICA Bioburden and optimize your beverage production process or laboratory workflow. MICA Bioburden will not only enhance the safety and quality of your products but also provide significant time and cost savings. 

Visit our website for more information or click the Request Information button to contact our team directly.  

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Date Published: 18th April 2023

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