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29th January 2024  Content supplied by: Diamidex

The Role of Machine Learning in Diamidex's Rapid Microbial Solutions

Diamidex is redefining microbial testing with its innovative MICA (Microcolony Counter Automatic) solutions, harnessing the power of Machine Learning.

  • Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms: MICA's technology automates the identification of microcolonies, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and speed in microbial detection.
  • Broad Application Spectrum: From wastewater to the beverage industry, MICA's versatility is unmatched.
  • Impactful Benefits: This cutting-edge approach reduces labor costs and carbon footprint, enhances efficiency, and improves reliability in microbial testing across industries.

MICA’s software uses ML to automatically classify a microbiological dataset. However, it first needs to be trained, that is to say it needs to learn how to correctly identify a microorganisms. To do so, there are 2 main phases strongly combining two scientific fields (Machine Learning and Microbiology) :

  • Phase 1: Learning on microorganisms grown in a laboratory or/and in nature. These microorganisms are identified by our microbiology experts and constitute a dataset that will be used to extract custom-made characterizations of the microorganisms. These characterizations are then exploited by a Machine Learning algorithm to learn how to correctly classify a microorganism.
  • Phase 2: Testing the trained Machine Learning algorithm on new and real data to determine its effectiveness and if additional training is needed.

However, the reliability of Machine Learning in microbiology is contingent upon the quality of datasets used for training. Inconsistencies in data can lead to inaccurate outcomes. That is why our team is thoroughly testing these datasets.

Additionally, most automated solutions struggle with the inherent complexities and variability in microbiological data. But thanks to our custom-made characterization of our microbiological data, our algorithms are consistently giving the same results as ISO and standard methods.

The AI is trained only to develop products, so your data is always in your own hands.

Diamidex's commitment to innovation in microbiology promises a future where microbial detection is not only faster but also more reliable and accessible. Explore the transformative potential of MICA and how it sets a new standard in the field.

Diamidex's MICA currently offers solutions for detecting Legionella pneumophila, Alicyclobacillus guaiacol positive, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, with a Bioburden detection solution coming soon.

Click here for more information about our automated microbial enumeration systems or use the Request Information button below to connect directly with the supplier.

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Date Published: 29th January 2024

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