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Always at our customers' side to deliver smarter, more dynamic risk assessment in food safety and quality control, moving from test results to actionable insights, to help them ultimately deliver consumer-safe products of the highest quality. Our range of solutions is based on rigorous science, technological expertise, data science and a spirit of innovation.

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Whilst adapting to consumers' new food experience, the food industry is also undergoing major changes that are challenging the way our customers need to approach food safety and quality.  Our commitment remains to be your trusted partner in this new era, helping to feed the world with safe, high-quality, sustainable food.

We support our customers throughout the production value chain, providing:

  • Smarter, more dynamic risk assessment  
  • Moving from test results to actionable information  
  • Ultimately, we help you provide consumers with safe products of the highest quality.

What has set us apart as a trusted reference for worldwide leaders in the Food Safety sector for over 60 years?

  • Our passionate team members, who are present in more than 100 countries
  • Our unrivaled investment in innovation
  • Our rigorous science based on technology expertise, data science and an innovative spirit.

Some of the solutions provided by bioMérieux include solutions for:

  • Spoilers and Quality Indicators Tests: D-COUNT®, TEMPO®, GENE-UP®
  • Genomics and Bio-Informatic: GENE-UP TYPER®, ROOT CAUSE & RISK ANTICIPATION, XPRO®
  • Pathogens Detection: GENE-UP®, VIDAS KUBE®, Culture Media
  • Environmental Monitoring (ENVIROMAP®, E-LEARNING®, CONNECT-UP®)
  • Lab Efficiency: BLUE LINE®, BIOBALL®

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GENE-UP® - Automated Pathogen Detection

Food & Beverage

Automated Pathogen Detection The GENE-UP® PCR solution for real-time pathogen detection helps speed up food analysis and product release.  Molecular pathogen detection has never been simpler, faster, or more flexible—GENE-UP® provides an intuitive, real-time PCR solution. Our real-time PCR solution simplifies workflows, decreases cross-contamination risks,

BIOBALL® Standardized Strains for food applications

Food & Beverage

BIOBALL® is a range of quality control microorganisms specifically designed for food applications.   The reference strains are presented in small, water-soluble balls containing an accurate and precise number of microorganisms.   As they are ready-to-use with no need for culture, BIOBALL® limits handling and risk

The xPRO™ Program: Custom Molecular Assays

Food & Beverage

The xPRO™ Program is an innovative unit within bioMérieux that develops customized molecular assays with and for food industrials.  Fuelled by our Augmented Diagnostics approach, we partner directly with industry leaders to rapidly develop and commercialize high-value molecular assays.  Over the years, we have launched

MASTERCLAVE® - Broth and Culture Media Preparator

Food & BeverageLaboratory Equipment

MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system that places automation at the heart of your laboratory and improves the entire workflow, from media to sample preparation. MASTERCLAVE® is the first step in effective pathogen detection and numeration, particularly for preparing culture media for bacterial

VIDAS KUBE® - Easy Automated Food Pathogen Detection

Food & Beverage

Easy, Automated Food Pathogen Detection. Your food testing needs are evolving. You must provide same-day, accurate results in a timely manner to release products faster and secure your production environment.

D-COUNT® - Ultra-Rapid Microbiology Detection

Food & Beverage

The D-COUNT® system is an advanced analysis solution for rapidly detecting microorganisms. Rapid detection tests in microbiology enable greater efficiencies and enhanced capabilities in the lab.  Rapid microbiology testing with the D-COUNT® system improves quality assurance and production, overcoming the limits of classical microbiology due to microorganisms'

ENVIROMAP® - Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)

Food & Beverage

Elevate your environmental monitoring program. ENVIROMAP® is a secure, cloud-based system that allows you to automate your environmental monitoring program and assists with the entire sampling lifecycle. Simplify your processes and ensure peace of mind with effortless tracking and traceability. ENVIROMAP® benefits from the combined work of the

TEMPO® - Automated Quality Indicator Solution

Food & Beverage

TEMPO®  is an automated platform for the analysis of food quality indicators. Quality indicators or hygienic parameters contribute to defining food quality, as well as food safety. They represent the biggest volume of analysis in typical food safety testing processes and help to control the process,


Food & Beverage

GENE-UP® PRO ACB assay detects Alicyclobacillus spp. and predicts the presence of guaiacol – the metabolite that causes spoilage in beverages. GENE-UP® PRO ACB can also be used without enrichment to provide reliable threshold enumeration of Alicyclobacillus spp.

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Food & Beverage

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