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9th April 2024  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Food Safety and Quality)

GENE-UP® NUTRAPLEX™ PRO - Molecular Diagnostics Innovation for Nutraceuticals

  • bioMérieux offers diagnostics solutions to help nutraceutical manufacturers meet microbial quality testing challenges.
  • The GENE-UP® NUTRAPLEX™ PRO assay, part of bioMérieux's xPRO™ program, is a multiplex assay that detects Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp., and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Benefits include cost savings, efficiency, sustainability, time savings, and reduced false positivity rate.

Nutraceuticals, also called dietary supplements or food supplements, are gaining popularity globally due to consumers' rising awareness of their many health benefits. To meet growing consumer demand, the nutraceutical industry has to adapt quickly by evolving its operation capabilities and quality control management while following regulations. The soar in demand stresses the manufacturing lines and increases the risk of microbial contamination.

With innovative diagnostics solutions, bioMérieux helps nutraceutical manufacturers meet their microbial quality testing challenges and address the unique complexities of their industry (process/products) while improving overall operations efficiency and complying with regulations.

The GENE-UP® NUTRAPLEX™ PRO assay, part of this suite of testing solutions, was developed and launched as part of bioMérieux's unique xPRO™ program and in partnership with a key player in this market.

The xPRO™ Program by bioMérieux is a catalyst that advances cutting-edge molecular diagnostics for quality and safety departments in the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries.

GENE-UP® NUTRAPLEX™ PRO is a multiplex assay that simultaneously detects Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp. and Staphylococcus aureus from a single universal enrichment in 24 hours.

With GENE-UP® NUTRAPLEX™ PRO, Nutraceutical manufacturers can obtain several gains and benefits such as:

  • Cost savings: Reduced Testing costs by 50% within first two months*
  • Efficiency: $120,000 savings in annual consumables*
  • Sustainability: Reduced plastic waste by one metric ton/year*
  • Time Savings: Reduced Technician labor time by +50%*
  • False Positivity Rate: Reduced by 50%*

*Figures are based on a case study example. More details on our website.

Learn more here about quality testing for dietary supplements, or use the Request Information button below to contact the supplier.

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Date Published: 9th April 2024

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