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7th November 2023  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Food Safety and Quality)

How Does TEMPO® Unlock the Power of People in the Lab?

TEMPO®, by bioMérieux, is an automated platform for the analysis of food quality indicators. Quality indicators or hygienic parameters contribute to defining food quality, besides food safety.

With TEMPO, you can get super rapid results indeed it takes only 12 seconds to set up a TEMPO test! And for 10 parameters you need only 1 protocol, no confirmation! 

By implementing the automated TEMPO® solution, your technicians can process existing sample volumes in considerably less time, minimize the amount of weekend work, and streamline the testing process.

For example, at a specialty meat product manufacturer in Oregon, after implementing TEMPO®, technicians were able to:

  • Process existing sample volume in 50% less time
  • Minimize the amount of weekend work, and
  • Streamline the testing process

Unlock the power of your people with TEMPO®
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Date Published: 7th November 2023

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