Food safety testing with food microbiology controls from NSI by Zeptometrix

The xPRO™ Program: Custom Molecular Assays


Principle: Customized molecular assays for food safety and quality

Automation: Yes

Approvals: Certified by AOAC

Suitability: Detection of pathogens and quality indicators

Capital equipment required: Yes


The xPRO™ Program is an innovative unit within bioMérieux that develops customized molecular assays with and for food industrials. 

Fuelled by our Augmented Diagnostics approach, we partner directly with industry leaders to rapidly develop and commercialize high-value molecular assays. 

Over the years, we have launched an unprecedented number of innovative molecular assays to deliver unmatched value and data-rich insights to the food safety and quality community.  

From detecting spoilage contaminants in beverages to pathogens on environmental surfaces, our program successfully developed many game-changer solutions based on our expertise in microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics - and our close relationship with food leaders.  

Key Points:
  • Customized: developed with and for food industrials to answer their specific needs 
  • Multiplex: each test provides answers to several questions, formerly given by multiple single tests
  • Reliable: from R&D development to the implementation of the customized method in your lab 
  • Expertise: our experts in molecular biology have been working with food leaders for years
  • Rapid: in the shortest time possible using our unique and well-established process 


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