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12th March 2024  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Food Safety and Quality)

Do More with Less Inside the Lab with TEMPO®

TEMPO®, by bioMérieux, is an automated platform for analysing food quality indicators. Quality indicators contribute to defining food quality, as well as food safety.

Imagine if you could boost productivity while also building a stronger and happier food safety lab.

TEMPO® is the first automated solution based on a traditional method (MPN) to enumerate quality indicators in food and environmental samples. This method has been shown to deliver 54% economic savings in terms of labor.

Have confidence in your results with TEMPO®:
  • No dilution required to cover a wide enumeration range (>3.5log).
  • TEMPO® covers up to 10 parameters (90% of total quality indicators worldwide).
  • Faster final results within 24h; yeast/molds in 72 hours.
  • A few minutes is all it takes to perform a test - TEMPO® automatically reads and processes the results: up to 100 tests per hour.
  • Over +1,000 systems installed worldwide.

Enhance your Productivity With TEMPO®.

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Date Published: 12th March 2024

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