60 Years Improving Specimen Collection & Transportation

60 years of experience MWE have spent 60 years improving specimen collection & transportation; the key to accurate and clinically relevant diagnostic microbiology.

MWE offers an extensive range of microbiology & virology specimen collection devices. Recent additions to this range enhance the use of liquid based microbiology by introducing the next generation of microbiology systems:

  • These innovative collection devices offer multiple test analysis from liquid transport medium, associated with automated processing systems and traditional culture methods as well as being compatible with molecular diagnostic assays.
  • The ∑ (Sigma) range of products incorporates a screw cap tube, a variety of different liquid transport mediums and a Sigma Swab® with open cell polyurethane foam bud.
  • These devices incorporate the ingenious swab capture mechanism - when the swab is placed into the tube & snapped at its breakpoint, the swab is “captured” as the cap is screwed on.

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Date Published: March 12, 2012

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Medical Wire & Equipment Co


United Kingdom

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Tel: +[44] 1225 810 361

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