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MASTERCLAVE® - Broth and Culture Media Preparator

MASTERCLAVE® is an automated culture media preparation system that places automation at the heart of your laboratory and improves the entire workflow, from media to sample preparation. MASTERCLAVE® is the first step in effective pathogen detection and numeration, particularly for preparing culture media for bacterial

MEDIACLAVE and MEDIAJET – Media Preparation System

MEDIACLAVE allows the rapid sterilization of up to 30 litres culture medium. Precise control of process parameters guarantees media of constant high quality. The intuitive multilingual user interface and the simple programming makes operation very easy. Connected to the MEDIAJET, the media can be dispensed automatically in up to 540 Petri dishes

Biological Indicators

The international Pharmacopoeia regulations recommend the use of bioindicators for the validation, qualification and monitoring of sterilization processes of drugs, medicines in vials, culture media and medical instruments. Liofilchem provides a wide range of bioindicators for the steam, ethylene oxide, dry heat, hydrogen peroxide and irradiation sterilization processes.

Wide Range of Laboratory Autoclaves

Priorclave has made the task of searching for your ideal autoclave or laboratory sterilizer much easier. In addition to the Product Finder on their Home Page, every product range incorporates a quick-selection guide to help easily locate the most appropriate autoclave for your laboratory application.

Autoclave Consumables from Priorclave

Carefully selected by Priorclave to ensure that users of steam sterilisers have access to an extremely competitively priced range of the more frequently used items.