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Wide Range of Laboratory Autoclaves

laboratory autoclaves

Manufacturer: Priorclave Ltd.

Automation: Not applicable

Suitability: suitable for laboratory use - material preparation and disposal

Capital equipment required: Yes


Priorclave has made the task of searching for your ideal autoclave or laboratory sterilizer much easier. In addition to the Product Finder on their Home Page, every product range incorporates a quick-selection guide to help easily locate the most appropriate autoclave for your laboratory application.

Key Points:  
  • Benchtop Autoclaves - circular chambers 40-60 litres capacity
  • Front Loading Autoclaves - circular chambers 100-320 litres
  • RSA Autoclaves with rectangular chamber - 230-700 litres
  • Top Loading Autoclaves - circular chambers 60-200 litres
  • Double Door Autoclaves - circular or rectangular chambers 150-700 litres
  • Power Door Autoclaves - rectangular chamber with automatic door 230-700 litres


    Laboratory Equipment


Company contact details:

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United Kingdom

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Tel: +[44] 208 316 6620