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Merck Millipore archived news list

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Merck millipore launches lockable icrplus settle plates
Merck millipore congratulates recipient of 2013 alice c evans award
Apc smarttouch airborne particle counter with iso 14644 1 compliance
Rapid bioburden analysis and microbial detection capabilities
Granulated culture media for increased ease of use and safety
Ez product family for bioburden analysis and microbial detection in beverages
Mas 100 series active air monitoring systems for microbial detection
Merck millipore ez fluo fluorescent staining based microbial detection
Icr contact plates and swabs for monitoring of surface contaminants
Rcs microbial air sampling systems for ambient air monitoring
Apc smarttouch and ergotouch pro 2
Merck millipore extends novaseptum sterile sampling offerings
Merck millipore introduces unique lab water e solution millitrack compliance
Milliflex quantum rapid detection system
Merck millipore introduces its new ez stream vacuum pump for microbiology
Alternative rapid tests for the detection of ehec
Safety beyond the visible
Merck millipore offers quick tests for ehec in food
Lugols solution for gram stain standard and with pvp stabilised solution
Listeria if cold is not cold enough
Gomoris methenamine silver staining kit for fungi detection
Double staining for reliable determination of tuberculosis tb
Bacteriology high magnification microscopy with immersion oil
Gram staining kits for classic and modified methods
Tb color modified staining kit for afb by hot staining method
Merck chromocult coliform agars aoac approved for food
New tos mup medium for enumeration of bifidobacteria
Merck supplements now in compact recyclable packaging
Mas 100 cg ex air sampler for contamination in compressed gases
Mercks sputofluol pretreatment solution for tb testing
Merck chromocult coliform agar now approved for processed food
Aoac ri approves merck and biotecon rapid methods for salmonella in peanut butter
Detection of fungi using stainsstaining reactions
A complete legionella detection package easy fast and reliable
Are you sure your product is free of salmonella
Merck extends product range of real time pcr assays
Merck chromogenic media fast safe and cost effective
Mercks complete medium for iso 16649 1 resuscitation of sublethally injured e coli
New real time pcr assays from merck kgaa for detection of food borne pathogens beer spoilage and genetically modified organisms
New rapid test for the detection of bacillus cereus
Neissers solutions ready to use staining solution for corynebacterium diphtheriae
Your media requirements count merck custom made media formulations
Mercks certified high quality peptones and extracts for biotech fermentation processes
Media for new harmonized microbiology microbial limits test
Gram color modified and tb fluor two phenol free staining kits safe clean and easy
Mercks new dehydrated chromocult listeria selective agar according to iso 11290
Mercks tb color staining kit for cold staining of acid fast bacteria
Did you ever have a positive media fill test
Mmga merck s new complete medium for the resuscitation of sublethally injured e coli
Mercks new chromogenic medium for detection of enterobacter sakazakii
New lateral flow assay singlepath l mono
New merck microbiology manual 12th edition high quality on 688 pages including cd rom
Mercks tb fluor phenol free fluorescence detection of mycobacteria
Mercks dehydrated culture medium for detection of pseudomonas in food and water
New ready to use culture media from merck simply get started
New chromocult enterococci agar for detection of enterococci in water
Mercks gram staining kit now modified and phenol free
New envirocheck contact plates from merck simply get started
Mercks water brochure on microbial examination of water
New lateral flow assay duopath legionella

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