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Merck Supplements Now in Compact, Recyclable Packaging

Merck media supplements
Increasingly laboratories need more environmentally friendly packaging in order to meet their environmental targets. Now Merck are able to supply their media supplements in a new style box made out of cardboard instead of plastic.

The new packaging has the advantage that it can be disposed of, for example with the regular paper waste and is therefore easily recycled.

The new box design is more compact and takes up less storage space in the refrigerator, with the smaller boxes being easily stacked.

To help achieve the more convenient sized cardboard box, the number of vials per pack has been decreased from 16 to 10. There will be some period of transition whilst the older format will be available alongside the new more eco-friendly version. To differentiate the two presentations, the order reference number for the new packaging has been changed from an appendix of .0001 to a new ending of .0010.

The supplements listed below are the first to be available.

In addition, to save paper, the insert sheets for the supplements will now be available as files on the internet which can be downloaded.

Product Code Supplement Date of Availability
1.09877.0010 OGY-SELECTIVE SUPPLEMENT 12.2009
1.11781.0010 LISTERIA-SUPPL.FDA-BAM1995 01.2010

1.09874.0010 MSRV-SELECTIVE SUPPLEMENT 01.2010
1.09202.0010 CT-SUPPLEMENT 01.2010
1.00898.0010 E. COLI / COLIFORMS SUPPLEMENT 03.2010

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Posted on December 7, 2009