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Merck's Sputofluol® Pretreatment Solution for TB Testing

Sputofluol TB pre-treatment

Merck's Sputofluol® for Clean and Fast results

Sputofluol®  is a pretreatment solution  for use with sputum, FNAB, lavages, imprints, body fluids, exudates, puss, liquid, or solid cultures.

Sputum can be pretreated with Sputofluol® in order to release any mycobacteria from surrounding mucus making the final slide easier to read. The active ingredient in Sputofluol® is hypochlorite, which oxidatively dissolves the organic material whilst having little effect on the mycobacteria.

In a centrifuge tube mix 1 part of the sample (at least 2 ml) with 3 parts of a 15% Sputofluol® solution prepared with distilled water, and leave to react for 10 min shaking vigorously from time to time. Centrifuge at 3000-4800 U/ min for 20 min, decant the supernatant, smear out the sediment,  allow to dry and follow the instructions for the staining procedure.

Sediments from punction and lavage material, are used in the following way - after carrying out the appropriate enrichment procedures smear the sample onto a microscope slide, allow to dry and follow the instructions for the staining procedure.

Accurate heat fixation of pretreated material is essential.

Product code Description Presentation
108000 Sputofluol® 1 L
116450 Tb-color staining set (cold stain) sufficient for 250 preparations specimens
100497 Tb-color modified staining set (hot stain) sufficient for 250 prepared specimens
101597 Tb-fluor phenol-free staining set (fluorescence stain) sufficient for 50-60 prepared specimens
104699 Immersion oil 100 ml, 500 ml
115577 Immersion oil acc. to DIN ISO 8036-mod. 100 ml
106965 Oil of cedar wood 100 ml, 500 ml

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Posted on September 7, 2009