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Safety Beyond the Visible

BioMonitoring is about more than state-of-the-art microbiological testing solutions. At Merck Millipore we also provide regulatory expertise, comprehensive service - and trust.
Merck Millipore BioMonitoring

There is more to safety than meets the eye. BioMonitoring by Merck Millipore.
For that one result which is invaluable: safe products. That's how we define new standards in safety.

Merck Millipore BioMonitoring
BioMonitoring combines the experience and expertise of two historically strong players in the field of microbiology and product process monitoring. Both Merck and Millipore have been pioneering innovations in sampling and testing solutions for over 50 years. From Merck leading the way in granulated culture media in the 1950s, to Millipore spearheading the development of membrane filtration systems.
Product portfolio
At Merck Millipore we can provide you with a comprehensive solutions portfolio customized for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics industry, ensuring the safety of your products. By merging our strengths and competences we can now offer you a complete solutions portfolio, covering high-quality products for microbiological analysis, comprehensive validation and maintenance services and in-depth regulatory support. Together we continue to develop cutting edge solutions like rapid test kits for highly regulated industries - helping you maintain the safety of your products and manufacturing processes with our combined knowledge and expertise.

Routine maintenance and validation of equipment and test methods can be time consuming and delay the start of critical quality control procedures. Our experts assist you with in-depth regulatory expertise and support you in maintaining QC equipment and validating procedures quickly and efficiently - keeping your workflows running smoothly.

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Posted on June 11, 2011