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Merck's Water Brochure on Microbial Examination of Water

Brochure on Water Testing

This new brochure from Merck Millipore presents official methods for the microbiological examination of water and relevant methods as specified by international standards.

This publication will be of interest and useful to all microbiology laboratories that test drinking water, brewing water, raw water, surface water, ground water, etc. in accordance with various international standards and statutory regulations.

Four general chapters provide background information about microbiological monitoring of water, methods for the examination of water, rapid testing methods and Merck's culture media. The vast majority of the brochure is dedicated to method protocols for using the rapid tests Readycult®, ChromoCult® and FluoroCult® as well as ISO, DIN EN, US EPA- US Standard and EP methods.

Each method protocol is described in detail and is followed by a list of the corresponding Merck products.

This water brochure from Merck gives a clear and succinct overview and is offers a useful presentation of standard methods for water testing and the necessary culture media.

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Posted on October 6, 2006