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Merck Ready to use Culture Media

Ready-to-Use Culture Media for
Food, Hygiene, Water and Pharmaceutical Testing

The wide range of Microbiology products available form Merck Millipore has been extended to now include Ready-to-Use culture media for all sorts of applications, e.g. enumeration, isolation, detection and cultivation - of bacteria as well as yeasts and moulds.

Your benefits:
Consistent, high quality + Time and cost savings = Merck ready-to-use culture media,
Convenience you can count on!

Quality guarantees safety:
Preparing culture media can be an error-prone process and therefore requires specially trained personnel. Merck's ready-to-use culture media are produced by means of the latest technology and are subject to strict quality controls carried out by qualified microbiologists. Avoid unnecessary risks by taking advantage of the consistent, high quality of Merck's ready-to-use culture media.

Ready-to-Use culture media can improve cost-effectiveness:
Merck's culture media plates, slides, bottles and tubes are ready-to-use, thus eliminating the time-consuming preparation process. Benefit from this potential saving of cost, space, staff and equipment.

The complete range of Merck Ready-to-Use culture media:

Merckoplate, Chromoplate and Fluoroplate
Merckoplate®, Chromoplate® and Fluoroplate®
Pre-poured plates for the enumeration, isolation, detection and cultivation.
Culture media in bottles and tubes for the enumeration, isolation, detection and cultivation.
Envirocheck Contact Plates for Pharmaceutical
Contact plates triple wrapped contact plates for the examination of surfaces in isolators and/or clean-rooms.
Envirocheck Settle Plates for Pharmaceutical
Settle plates triple wrapped settle plates for active and passive air sampling in isolator and / or clean-rooms.
Envirocheck Contact Plates for Food and Beverage
Contact plates single bagged contact plates for hygiene monitoring of surfaces for the food and beverage industry.
Envirocheck Contact Plates
Contact slides for hygiene monitoring of surfaces and in liquids.

Simply get started brochure
For more product details and ordering information,
please ask for the Merck brochure "Simply get started"

For further information and FREE SAMPLES about the wide range of Ready-to-Use culture media available from Merck Millipore, please contact Merck Millipore using contact details at the top of this page.

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Posted on January 22, 2007

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