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Gram-color Modified and Tb-fluor: Two Phenol-free Staining Kits Safe, Clean and Easy

Up to now, phenol was the first choice among additives to staining solutions. But because of its numerous noxious qualities, safety measures had to be taken during its application. Merck has developed a modified and phenol-free Gram's staining kit and phenol-free Tb-fluor staining kit that satisfies even the highest diagnostic demands and are simple to handle and user-friendly at the same time.

Merck's Gram-color Modified, Phenol-free

Merck Gram-color
Merck's Tb-fluor, Phenol-free

Merck Tb fluor
The kit includes a modified crystal violet solution that is free of phenol.

The staining result in Gram-positive bacteria can be enhanced further still by mixing 1:1 with sodium hydrogen carbonate. The iodine solution is an iodine/potassium iodine solution stabilized with PVP that reduces the evaporation of iodine and keeps it more stable.

The decolorizing solution is a mixture of ethanol and acetone, which ensures a secure differentiation of the bacteria.

Counterstaining is enacted using a phenol-free fuchsin solution, which make the contrast to the intensively colored Gram-positive bacteria even more apparent.

Available product:
Merck Cat. No. 1.01603
Gram-color modified, phenol-free
[2 x 100 ml, 3 x 200 ml]

Mycobacteria are difficult to stain because of the high proportion of lipid and wax in their cell walls. Once stained, acid fast mycobacteria keep their colouring even after treatment with strong decolourizing solutions as HCl ethanol.

Our modified staining solution replaces the phenol by an active and less hazardous ingredient. The kit contains the phenol-free auramine O and rhodamine B in the staining solution for more flexibility and optical brilliance.

A positive result is visible with red-orange or yellow-green fluorescence. To be able to gain an optimal impression of the fluorescence, the intrinsic fluorescence of the background is suppressed by potassium permanganate.

The Tb-fluor phenol-free is suitable for paraffin sections and clinical specimen such as sputum, bronchial lavage, urine and similar.

Available product:
Merck Cat. No. 1.01597
Tb-fluor phenol-free kit
[4 x 200 ml]

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Posted on August 2, 2007