Merck's Dehydrated Culture Medium for Detection of Pseudomonas in Food and Water.

Merck Selective Medium for Pseudomonas

Merck offers a dehydrated culture medium and two selective supplements for the detection and enumeration of Pseudomonas species in food, pharmaceutical products and water

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Pseudomonas, an underestimated danger.
The genus Pseudomonas is very important because many members of this family are resistant to antibiotics. Immunocompromised persons in particular are at risk of developing pneumonia or of suffering infected wounds and sepsis.
Use of the appropriate selective supplement and the correct incubation temperature makes the medium selective for Pseudomonas spp. including Burkholderia cepacia, formerly known as Pseudomonas cepacia (CFC Agar), and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (CN Agar). While Pseudomonas CFC Agar is used to enumerate Pseudomonas spp. in foods - especially chilled food such as meat, fish, milk,etc. - Pseudomonas CN Agar is used for the specific detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water, including process water, and water used in the manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical products.

And, because we encounter Pseudomonas daily in water, milk and animal feedstuffs, it is very important that we exercise care and take precautions.

With this in mind, Merck sells this granular culture medium - Pseudomonas Agar (Base) - along with CN and CFC Selective Supplements for detection of Pseudomonas, so your future risks will be minimised.

The two Pseudomonas selective media conform to ISO Standards 13720 and 12780, respectively.

Available products
Pseudomonas Agar (Base) Cat. No. 1.07620.0500
Pseudomonas CFC Selective Supplement Cat. No. 1.07627.0001
Pseudomonas CN Selective Supplement Cat. No. 1.07624.0001
Flyer: Pseudomonas Selective Agar Medium for detection and enumeration of Pseudomonas in water and food. W 286134

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Posted on February 5, 2007