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MAS-100 CG Ex™ Air Sampler for Contamination in Compressed Gases

MAS-100 CG Ex for monitoring contamination in compressed gases
The MAS-100 CG Ex™ is for use when there is a need to test compressed gases for microbial contamination.

Utilizing two sensors, one to measure mass flow and the other to measure pressure, the unit collects samples under the same pressure as the gas supply. The MAS-100 CG™ Ex samples at two constant flow rates, 100 L/min and 50 L/min for low flow applications. The system can sample gas at a pressure range between 1.5 bar to 10 bar. Compressed gas is directed through a perforated plate onto the 90mm Petri dish.
After sampling the required volume of gas, a gradual decompression occurs automatically, preventing any sudden change in pressure, avoiding possible damage of the micro-organisms. After decompression the Petri dish is removed and incubated. A filter can be fitted to the exhaust if required.

These are the 5 most commonly used gases in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage production areas:
Carbon Dioxide

The above-mentioned gases are already pre-programmed into the MAS-100 CG Ex, plus an additional 5 gases can be added.

Test Principles:
Micro-organisms can exist under high pressure in the gas delivery system. To quantify this possible contamination, a known volume of gas is passed over an agar plate which captures any microbial cells present in the gas sample. General growth media, TSA and Sabouraud-Dextrose agar are used for enumeration. During sample collection rapid expansion of the gas occurs when the pressurized gas is released to the atmosphere. If decompression is too rapid it can potentially adversely affect microbial viability cells leading to a reduced recovery rate. All samples taken by the MAS 100 CG EX are impacted into the agar surface prior to any pressure changes, this avoids possible damage to the micro-organisms.

Safety features: MAS-100 CG Ex
  • Built-in safety valve > 10 bar

  • Independent pressure display

  • Flashing LED, if instrument is under pressure

  • Explosion proof instrument (ATEX-Certificate)

  • Fully automatic decompression cycle after sample collection

  • Low gas flow detection

For further information about the MAS-100 CG Ex™ Air Sampler for Contamination in Compressed Gases please contact Merck Millipore (see details above) or EMD Chemicals [now Millipore Sigma] in the USA or click the link below.

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Posted on October 27, 2009