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New ChromoCult® Enterococci Agar for Detection of Enterococci in Water

Chromocult Enterococci Agar Enterococcus faecalis ATCC 19433

ChromoCult® Enterococci Agar is an approved, excellent value medium for the detection of Enterococci in water
Do you want to save money?
Merck offers an excellent value chromogenic medium for reliable, fast and safe detection of Enterococci.
Do you want to simplify your analysis?
Then you should use this unique chromogenic technique for the detection of Enterococci.
Do you want to save time?
Benefit from the speed of this new method . in just 24 hours you can clearly and safely detect the absence or presence of Enterococci.

The examination of water is strictly regulated by the European Union Directive on Drinking Water, but to enable the use of alternative methods, especially for the bacteriological examination of water, the ISO 17994 was created, which describes procedures how to prove alternative against reference methods.

Merck.s ChromoCult® Enterococci Agar was successfully approved according to ISO 17994 and is now licensed by the German Federal Environmental Protection Agency as an alternative medium for the detection of Enterococci in water.

The Enterococci family is one of the indicator groups of faecal contamination of water. This group of organisms can survive longer in the environment than the classical faecal marker organism E. coli. Because of this longer survival, the detection of Enterococci serves as a sensitive indicator for possible faecal contamination that has occurred in the past.

This parameter is very helpful for customers using near-shore sea water as a raw material for production of bottled or drinking water and sewage treatment plants are in the neighbourhood and these organisms can also be used as a marker for successful sanitation after accidents in water systems.

On ChromoCult® Enterococci Agar the Enterococci are clearly detectable by the red coloured colonies, thus meeting the requirements for fast detection of faecal contamination in water and indicating any action needed for public health and safety.

Only one medium is necessary, instead of two, as a confirmation test is not required. With this method the results are available one day earlier without compromising safety. The ChromoCult® Enterococci Agar can be used for examination of nearly all types of water samples, e.g. drinking water or pool water.

Available products:
ChromoCult® Enterococci Agar cat no. 1.0950.0500
Cellulose mixed-ester GNG membrane filters Gelman 66278

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Posted on December 15, 2006