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MMGA - Merck 's New Complete Medium for the Resuscitation of Sublethally Injured E. coli

Mineral Modified Glutamate Agar

Mineral Modified Glutamate Agar, MMGA
Merck's new complete medium for the resuscitation of sublethally injured E. coli according to ISO 16649 Part 1

Resuscitation, a mandatory method for sublethally injured E. coli in food and foodstuff.

During food processing, such as heating, drying, chemical preservation, freeze-drying or acidification, organisms like E. coli can be injured. Consequently, they do not growth reliably on strongly selective media, e.g. TBX agar, which can cause false negative results.

To minimize the risk, ISO 16649 Part 1 recommended a resuscitation step to allow the E. coli to recover; MMGA is the medium used for this recovery step.

In the past, food business operators preparing MMGA used e.g. DEV glutamate broth to which the agar had to be added. As other media used did not even contain glutamate, they also had to add a glutamate solution.

For convenience, this new medium Mineral Modified Glutamate Agar (Cat. No. 1.09045) from Merck includes both glutamate and agar and, of course, is granulated for safety reasons. With its unique combination of glutamate, selected minerals and agar, the use of Merck's MMGA results in a very rapid and effective recovery of injured E. coli.

After incubation at 37°C for only 4 hours, most of the bacteria are sufficiently repaired - guaranteeing reliable growth on ChromoCult® TBX agar at 44°C.

Your benefits:

  • Safe - All E. coli can be detected, both injured and non-injured.
  • Fast - Only 4 hours resuscitation
  • Easy - MMGA from Merck is a complete medium - nothing needs to be added.
Available products:
Merck Catalogue Number
ChromoCult® TBX 1.16122.0500

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Posted on April 13, 2007