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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with annual revenue of approximately $40 billion. Our Mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Whether our customers are accelerating life sciences research, solving complex analytical challenges, increasing productivity in their laboratories, improving patient health through diagnostics or the development and manufacture of life-changing therapies, we are here to support them.

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As the world leader in serving science, we are here at Thermo Fisher Scientific to support Quality Control teams to protect against customer complaints and operate more efficiently, by providing a range of laboratory products for fast, accurate and reliable data collection. This includes:

  • A comprehensive portfolio for sample collection and preparation,
  • Chemical analysis and microbiological analysis
  • Expertise in product applications
  • Sales, delivery, service and support across many geographies

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Thermo Scientific Heratherm Microbiological Incubators

Laboratory Equipment

Successful incubation is dependent upon the environmental conditions. As such, you need to trust that your valuable samples are maintained in a safe and efficient manner. Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Microbiological Incubators are designed to provide long-term performance with optimal conditions—and are backed by a two-year warranty on parts and labour, meaning confidence for your investment*. Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Security Microbiological Incubators feature a smooth stainless-steel inner chamber with easy-to-clean, rounded corners, and an intuitive user interface with a large fluorescent display. Units include an internal glass door that allows samples to be viewed without impacting on temperature stability, as well as a lockable outer door. Units can be stacked on top of each other to save space. No tools or stacking devices are required. Contaminating microorganisms are reduced to a minimum, due to a decontamination cycle set at 140°C. Sample safety is also enhanced with an automatic over- and under-temperature alarm to protect the samples and incubator. See or product literature for details. * Subject to Thermo Fisher Scientific Standard Limited Warranty.

Thermo Scientific Orion Star A211 Benchtop pH Meter Kit

ClinicalCosmetic/Personal CareFood & BeverageLaboratory EquipmentPharmaceuticalVeterinaryWater

It is essential to control several parameters to produce media with optimum conditions to support consistent growth.  These parameters are the key to reliable microbiological analyses and increased confidence in your results. Controlling pH is of crucial importance to support the consistent performance of your culture media once sterilised. Choose Thermo Scientific™ Orion Star™ pH meters and Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS™ electrodes for improved temperature stability and accuracy.

Thermo Scientific MSC-Advantage Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

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Conserve energy with Thermo Scientific™ MSC-Advantage™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinets, which combine smart design and extraordinary value with best-in-class energy efficiency, reliability and usability resulting in an overall improvement to operation and maintenance. Units feature 60% less energy consumption and heat output. Cabinets are certified to EN 12469 safety standard.

Thermo Scientific Nalgene Analytical Filters

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For over 50 years, we have provided precise, easy-to-use systems for the recovery of microorganisms and particles for QC testing and research. Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Analytical Filters offer innovative features for precise, easy-to-use systems for microbial analysis - a wide base for added stability, suitable for work with samples that may foam, easy access to 47mm diameter membrane and graduated chambers for quick volume checks.   Choose Nalgene Analytical filtration for maximum flow and optimised microbial recovery rate.

Thermo Scientific Samco Transfer Pipettes

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Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ transfer pipettes have provided industry-leading performance and reliability for over 40 years. Transfer pipettes are plastic and offered in both graduated and ungraduated formats with integral bulbs or accessory bulbs for transferring liquids.

Thermo Scientific Sterilin Dippas

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The biggest cause of errors in microbial analysis occurs in the sample collection stage.  To reduce risks, ensure you are using the appropriate container to lock in sample integrity, and ensure your samples are fully representative of process conditions. Representing quality and reliability, Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Dippas™ containers offer an extensive range of sterile, DNA-free containers with easy labelling options.   Minimise the risk of contamination by using a single container to collect your sample and transport it to the lab in one easy-to-use, sterile, leak-free container.

Thermo Scientific Barnstead Smart2Pure Pro Water Purification System

Laboratory Equipment

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of your microbiological analysis, only water which has been freshly purified to the correct standard should be used.   Ensure your water is contaminant free with type 1 or type 2 water produced easily from the tap with the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™ Pro Water Purification System. Designed for simple operation and maintenance, Barnstead lab water systems eliminate slow and costly service contracts. Manufactured using the highest-grade materials and reliable technology, Barnstead systems incorporate more than 130 years of industry experience for dependability. Our flexible system configurations enable an excellent fit for labs of any size.

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