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MAS-100 Air Sampler for Cleanroom Environments

EMD Chemicals Microbial Air Monitoring Systems are based on the Anderson Impaction Principle, accepted and proven worldwide. Every unit uses standard 100mm Petri dishes which allows you to incorporate them immediately into your protocols without having to change media.The MAS-100 portable air sampler is designed specifically for use in cleanroom environments. This compact yet sophisticated device is the preferred choice for those demanding the highest quality air-monitoring. It offers features which make it extremely accurate and reliable yet still easy to use and maintain.

Sampling at 100 L/min these systems have a built in digital anemometer and flow rate sensor. The sensor automatically adjusts for differences in fill volume on Petri dishes, changes in air density and differences between individual perforated lids. This means that you can interchange lids on any MAS-100 without affecting the calibration of the unit! Sampling volumes are also easily configurable between 0 and 2,000 liters.

The top section of the units rotate on their handles to allow for testing at different angles. The units have a horizontal air velocity of 0.45 m/sec. This isokinetic flow rate coupled with our unique design will not cause turbulence in a laminar flow environment. And the MAS-100™ air sampler has the highest airflow accuracy available…± 2.5% compared to others that can be as high as ± 10%.The unit is controlled using single touch yes or no responses. Each features a 60 minute programmable start delay. No remote control is necessary, which allows for personnel to be out of the sampling area when the sampling starts.

The MAS-100 is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery pack which extends battery life over that of standard NiCd batteries and protects against memory loss. Fully charged this sampler allows for 7.5 hours of continuous operation or about 50,000 liters.

The MAS-100 air sampler also features a data port that allows for the transfer of information to a PC via a special communications cable. This cable, and special software, can be ordered separately and allows for test results to be easily downloaded and formatted to any PC. Direct connection to a Seico thermal printer is also possible. This printer can be obtained directly from an authorized Seico distributor. Other features include a calibration reminder prompt, easy to read liquid crystal display, low battery alert, and real time clock and calendar.

EMD has the most comprehensive calibration and service program available for microbial air sampling. We use state of the art instrumentation and our system is calibrated directly by NIST which puts any calibration we do for you only one link away from the primary NIST flow measurement standard. There is simply no higher level of accuracy available than NIST itself!

EMD also provides validation documentation to help you through the validation process. Our Microbiology Field Specialists are experienced in environmental monitoring and can help with your site specific validation protocol. These specialists can also provide on-site training and certification of personnel for the proper use of our MAS-100 air samplers.

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