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28th February 2023  Content supplied by: Merck

More Accurate Results Needed? Fast Pathogen Detection Without Compromise

Multiple levels of specificity, including an innovative Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS) step, help Assurance® GDS system to ensure both fast and accurate detection of pathogens in even the most difficult food and environmental sample matrices.

The Assurance® GDS system is a proven molecular platform with a three-step workflow: sample enrichment, a sample preparation assay, and PCR analysis with the Assurance® GDS Rotor-Gene® Q thermocycler. To optimize lab productivity, various portions of the sample preparation can now be automated, allowing industrial and plant laboratories to customize their testing to better fit their changing needs.       

The Assurance® GDS utilizes proprietary magnetic particles and the unique Assurance® GDS PickPen® concentration device to capture target pathogens from an enriched sample, separating the target from inhibitory background materials and ensuring valid PCR reactions for all sample matrices. While other molecular methods rely on sensitivity-compromising dilution protocols to prevent failed reactions, PickPen® IMS technology improves assay sensitivity and detection by concentrating the pathogens, removing the risk associated with matrix variability and increasing user confidence in result reliability.                                         

Results are available same day or next day instead of following a multi-day full cultural confirmation, saving precious time for perishable samples. The Assurance® GDS range includes assays for Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, Shiga Toxigenic E. coli (STEC), Shiga Toxin Genes, Listeria spp., Listeria monocytogenes, and Cronobacter detection. The system has been validated by a variety of third parties, including AOAC, AFNOR, MicroVal, and Health Canada.

Visit our webpage to learn more about our Assurance® GDS system, or use the Request Information button below to make contact directly.

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Date Published: 28th February 2023

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